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Your voice is limitless
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Not only is Nicole an amazing coach, teacher, and mentor, but she provides the safety anyone needs
to improve and believe more in their themselves, their voice, and their singing ability.

- Diana Sofia | Subconscious Coach

Own Your Voice Starting Today...

You are smart, driven, artistic, analytical... a go-getter. Doing the hard work to achieve your goals is not the obstacle...

From the outside, you’re doing well, thriving. But on the inside, you have a persistent tug on your heart. You love to sing. And you have a desire to let your voice soar with the power, beauty, and consistency you know exists within. You just haven’t accessed that roar yet... or it's been years since.

You’ve had a number of joyful experiences in music, pursued your musical interests, and have done some personal work on yourself to get ahead in life. Yet you feel there is more for you to uncover about yourself, express, unleash, release, create and master through the art of singing... and this desire goes beyond you. Somehow you haven’t yet made this a real priority for yourself, or you just haven't known how to make this desire a reality.

Sometimes the little supervillains of your mind creep up and tell yourself things that keep you hesitating, avoiding, questioning, neglecting, or criticizing... your voice. These gremlins keeps you safe and protected from achieving a vocal transformation in your physical reality. Those sneaky inside voices rob you of joy… boldness… confidence... pride... they keep you from expressing the real star, the artist, the person you truly are.

I've been there, just like you. But what if you made a powerful decision? To create a sacred space and nurture your gift... your voice! What would that do for you?

What if you stood your ground with complete ownership, trust, deeply rooted in your body, and opened your mouth... your voice ringing out beautifully, easily, and effortlessly?

Time after time after time...

Without fear of making a mistake, worry about how you sound, hesitation, self-consciousness, or your inner judge taking you out of the present moment...

Instead, you're in a state of delicious flow... where you're so involved and enjoying yourself, that nothing else matters. You can feel free, alive, bold, and exhilarated... accomplished... allowing the depths of your soul to shine through the power, truth, and beauty of your voice.

And from these ecstatic experiences, your whole life shifts... you see the world with fresh eyes, taller shoulders, unshakeable confidence, new perspective, greater well-being... with a passionate fire to achieve and surpass not only your artistic goals, but to make a bigger impact in the world with your gifts.

The current trends and statistical data about the consequences of neglecting our voice, our purpose, our ambition, and our well-being does not lie. This is often as a result of negative self-talk, not speaking up for our needs, a lack of confidence, making our joy the last priority, disconnection from the body, or failing to be present to make confident and empowered decisions.

Thus, our voice is a conduit to self-actualization... to the soul. If we've lost touch with it, then we can suffer severe consequences, no matter our stage of life. Singing gives us the opportunity to dive deeply back into the soul on visceral, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels - while honing a beautiful skill and going beyond what we believe is possible.

Between the various challenges we face as a society today - from scarcity of real human connection, mental and physical stress and burnout, digital obsession, narcissism and manipulative power dynamics, and the effects of the pandemic, it is obvious that the time is now to go within and own our voice from the inside out - to focus on what is going to truly heal, enliven and rejuvenate ourselves. When we express ourselves, engage in our creativity, and feel our voice is heard, we feel empowered to be and do our best.

A brunette woman happily singing with a microphone outdoorsNicole Guberman in front of foliage with her hands on her heartNicole Guberman performing as Frasquita in Carmen in Narni, Italy, 2019

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As a professional singer for several years, having worked with various singing coaches, some internationally well known, I wondered what new things she might bring to the table that I had not already learned. I have been pleasantly surprised in that each week, there are new tools introduced that are bringing immediate results in my performance. Nicole is a singing coach with wisdom beyond her years, always professional and fun to work with. I would recommend her to any vocal student, whether you are a novice or a well-seasoned performer.

- Jane B., singer, pianist, recording artist, songwriter, painter, entrepreneur, business consultant

The Real Beginnings...

For the last 15 years, I have coached hundreds of people from all walks of life who all came to me with the desire and trust in me to help them uplevel themselves as a singer, performer, and human being. This was a calling long before I realized. Their trust in me I held and honored deeply, as I have walked that very path myself and understood the vital significance of the right student-teacher relationship.

Everything we believe, think and do affects the voice. I learned on multiple levels what it takes as a singer to go from 0 to 1,000. I navigated this journey with determination, care, commitment and discipline, and I instill these same attributes in my students.

Despite all odds, physical, mental, and emotional, I pushed myself to hone my craft at the highest level, nurture my growth, and conquer my inner demons in order to win. I sought out and chose teachers to help me achieve growth and mastery (and rapidly, I didn't have any more time to waste.)  

I understand drive, curiosity, meticulousness, competitiveness, forgiveness, and compassion through an artist’s lens in ways that most people cannot comprehend. Persevering through my own challenges and doing what it took to grow and reach a feeling of love and satisfaction with my own instrument... within myself... that was priceless. 

The triumphs I’ve achieved showed me that if I could do this with the support of a gifted mentor, then anyone else who had this same desire, ability to trust a mentor and teacher to lead them forward, and a willingness to commit to the process, could do it, too. 

The good news is, if you’ve been searching for a teacher and a mentor to help you achieve your unique singing goals and help you shine in your vocal gifts, I am 100% here to help. I meet you where you are, within a safe, supportive environment, so that you can feel excited, empowered, and inspired by your growth as a performer. You will be able to see, hear, feel and talk to yourself in a whole new way, not only when it comes to singing, but in your everyday life.

I am passionate about helping you own your voice, for you to transform into the singer you knew was inside but didn’t know how to breathe into reality… the vocal champion you were born to be!
Let’s get started!

Nicole Guberman performing as Anna Bolena in a staged scenes performance with Dell'Arte Opera Ensemble, LaMama Experimental Theater NYC, 2017