Your voice is limitless

What if you went ALL IN
to sing?
Who would you become?

YES! I'M Ready
It was very helpful to have my thoughts and goals so clearly articulated back to me! Nicole's skill set, career area and background are very appropriate for assisting me in articulating and organizing my path, along with the level of mental clarity and artistic talent that I admire in her and that inspires trust and confidence. I'm looking forward to having another person in my corner supporting me in achieving my goals.

-G.S., GRAMMY-nominated vocalist and conductor

Nicole Guberman
Voice Mentor & Transformational Coach

You're here not only because you love to sing, but you what you really want is total mind-body-voice transformation. Ownership. Freedom. Excitement. Calm. Strength. Power. Self-trust. Whether it's nailing an important audition, recital, show, gig, or simply your favorite song, what you're after most in the end, is that feeling of complete confidence and juicy satisfaction... knowing that you prepared as a pro, performed your best, and truly gave it your all.

Are you a retiree seeking a consistent and fulfilling outlet to exercise your musical passions...

A professional coping with burnout needing a safe and creative container to be present, stress-free, and relaxed...

A parent craving reconnection to your soul and joy in singing... or

An ambitious teen/young adult keen on blowing the competition out of the water?

Even though you're musical and passionate about singing, are you unsure you have what it takes in order to sing well?

Do you feel shy or insecure about your vocal ability right now, even if you've already had some success?

Are you returning to singing after many years and not sure how to get started?

If any of that sounds like you, then you're in the right place!

This is the time for singing and vocal study to be transformative and cathartic for you... all things restorative, energizing, motivating, and inspiring. It's time to take you and your voice to the next level. To show yourself what IS possible and what you're mentally and physically capable of. Who that artist really is inside, ready to come out!

Now you have a choice:
Create a sacred space to nurture your voice and soar in all ways...
Or turn the other way and stay exactly where you are.

What will you gain if you say,
“Yes, let’s do this!” ?
What will you lose, if you don’t?

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Your vocal ownership is my purpose, and
your results are my joy!

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